Dr. Salem Al Saeedi

Specialist - Ophthalmology

Specialty: Ophthalmology

Practice Locations: Bareen International Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Salem Al Saeedi completed his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) General Medicine at Zaparozhye State Medical Institute, Ukraine (Soviet Union) in 1990.  He finished his Master's Degree in Ophthalmology at Zaparozhye Institute of Advanced Medical Studies, Ukraine in 1994.

He started his career in year 1994 and has worked in both government and private hospitals in Yemen. In 2000, he moved to UAE and continued his practice in various reputed facilities. He is an active participant of seminars, conferences, and training programs.

Dr. Salem is a member of UAE Red Crescent Ophthalmology Group and regularly participates in surgical campaigns organized by the group worldwide.

Scope of Services:

  • Diagnosis, treatment and management of eye diseases and infections (adult and children)

  • Eye health education

  • Eye surgeries of lids conjunctiva, cornea and lacrimal passages (outpatient)

  • Glasses and contact lens prescription

  • Minor eye surgeries and procedures

  • Foreign body removal in eye, first aid and treatment

  • Cataract surgery, glaucoma and medical Retina

Languages: English, Arabic, Russian, French, Ukranian

Practice Locations

Bareen International Hospital, Abu Dhabi
Bareen International Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Mohammad Bin Zayed City, Zone 15 (next to Shaikah Fatima Bint Mubarak Mosque)

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