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UAE’s healthcare operators take on new treatments and investments
Aug 21, 2022

Healthcare investments in UAE will take on more specialty treatments ... more

فحوص طبية مجانية للأطفال في «إن إم سي» بالعين
Aug 20, 2022

العين: «الخليج» قامت «هيئة رعاية الأسرة» با... more

Doctors offer youngsters tips to care for the elderly on Senior Citizens' Day
Aug 20, 2022

People need more love, care, support and attention during their old ag... more

هيئة رعاية الأسرة في العين تقدم فحص طبي مجاني للأطفال في مشفى إن إم سي
Aug 20, 2022

قامت هيئة رعاية الأسرة بالعين بالتعاون مع مستشفى إن إم سي التخصصي في ا... more

Nitrates, the hidden ingredient in processed foods that can increase risk of cancer
Aug 18, 2022

As France cuts the additive on health grounds, doctors say consumers s... more

Fitness quest: How important is exercise and how long should you workout?
Aug 15, 2022

Aerobic, anaerobic and agility exercises, which is the best workout su... more

Coronavirus: UAE reports 889 Covid-19 cases, 816 recoveries, 1 death
Aug 10, 2022

Over 179.4 million PCR tests have been conducted in the country so far... more

For UAE’s Covid warriors, serving patients comes above personal safety
Aug 09, 2022

'I saw death in front of my eyes,' says one doctor When the... more

Covid-19 cases below 1,000 after nearly 2 months; doctors explain trends
Aug 05, 2022

Globally, cases decreased by nine per cent between July 25 and 31, as ... more

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